Computer Hardware Repair in Savannah

The physical components…Apple and PC, desktop and laptop.


Computer Hardware Repair

The physical components…Apple and PC, desktop and laptop.

Computer Repair Savannah GA | Tech Yeah Computer Repair

Tech Yeah Computer Repair, located on Wilmington Island in Savannah, GA, can fix any hardware issue with your Apple or PC in our Savannah location. Some common repairs we make everyday include: Hard Drives, DC Jacks, Motherboard and Logicboards, LCD Screens, Keyboards, Ribbon Cables, CPU’s, Power Supplies, CD/DVD Drives, Graphics Cards (GPU’s), RAM, and even some cosmetic components. Diagnosis for all laptops and desktops is always FREE.

We love to make computers haul butt. Let Tech Yeah upgrade the components of your computer and we can make it scream!

Computer Upgrades in Savannah, GA

We can upgrade your hard drive to increase storage, or we can install a Solid State Drive (SSD) for a massive speed increase. Combining an SSD with high speed RAM maximized to your computer’s capabilities will create blazing speeds, giving you a serious boost in productivity, or the edge you need to out-game your opponents.

A current generation processor (CPU) is another upgrade to get excited about, as today’s Intel and AMD technology is faster than ever. How many CPU Cores do you have? How many Cores do you need? Tech Yeah will advise you on the chip that best suits your needs, and will give you the best return on your investment – the most expensive CPU is not always the best option.


Gaming and Custom Computers in Savannah, GA

We also upgrade Graphics Cards (the GPU). Does your computer need a high spec graphics card, or will your on-board GPU be sufficient? If you are a gamer, or if you are in an industry or school that requires a lot of graphics heavy computing, your machine’s GPU is critical. The speed, quality and even possibility of your game, project or assignment’s success is directly related to the quality of your GPU. Again, spending a fortune isn’t always the best course to take when choosing a GPU. Let Tech Yeah upgrade your GPU with the right unit for your individual needs, and get a great result without spending this month’s rent or mortgage!

Most computers have an optical drive, yours is probably a CD/DVD drive. That’s just fine if you don’t need to play a Blu-Ray disc. If you do, though, we can install a new Blu-Ray drive in your machine so you don’t have to buy a whole new computer.

At Tech Yeah Computer Repair, you can even get a CUSTOM made computer. Just answer a few questions about how you use your computer, and tell us your budget, and we can build you a new desktop computer that is far better than anything you can get from a big-box store, or a big-box computer manufacturer. Perhaps the best thing about buying a custom rig from Tech Yeah is the warranty. The whole computer has a parts and labor warranty, and you don’t ever have to talk to India to resolve an issue. We stand behind our work, and you can talk to the technician that built your computer face-to-face, or on the phone. We can have your new computer ready to pick up at our Wilmington Island location in about a week. Can we help you? Tech Yeah, we can! Call us at 912-898-1999, or contact us now!

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Computer Repair Savannah GA | Tech Yeah

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— Chad Yarbrough

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“Fantastic service. Very friendly. Very knowledgeable. Would reccomend to anyone. They fixed my Asus G750JS Gaming Laptop, and got it fully functional. 🙏🙏💯💯💯”

Daniel H.

“Excellent Job! Recovered all my info before my laptop crashed and burned and helped me to replace it!”

Samantha V.

Our Recovery Partner

Your Data is in excellent hands with Gillware, Tech Yeah’s data recovery partner.

Our Recovery Partner

Your Data is in excellent hands with Gillware, Tech Yeah’s data recovery partner.