Software Repair & Virus Removals in Savannah

“We punch viruses in the face!”


Software Repair & Virus Removals

“We punch viruses in the face!”

Computer Repair Savannah GA | Tech Yeah Computer Repair

At Tech Yeah Computer Repair, located on Wilmington Island, we are software and virus removal experts. We repair PC and Mac laptops, and desktops in Savannah, GA.

Your computer is essentially made up of two components.

The hardware, which is the physical components that fit in the case or laptop body. These are the parts and pieces that make your machine turn on and “Work”.

The second component is the software. Your computer’s software is the lines of code that make up your Operating System and the various other programs that you use every day. Tech Yeah can fix any issue with either Hardware or Software. We’ll talk about Software here.

Your Operating System

The main program most people are familiar with is their Operating System. But before your computer can launch your Operating System, it has to run another, lesser known program first. This program is called BIOS, which stands for Basic Input Output System. It works a bit like this… When you press the power button to turn on your laptop or desktop, the BIOS wakes up and it asks itself a few questions: “What am I?”, “Are all my components where they’re supposed to be and working?”, “What time is it?”, and “What do I do next?” When working properly, the BIOS checks everything, and, satisfied with the answers, it launches the OS, and everything works fine. But occasionally, the BIOS will encounter a problem, and it can’t launch the OS, or it can, but not everything functions properly when it does. Repairing or upgrading the BIOS, and other firmware, is not something an untrained individual should undertake. A mistake at the BIOS stage can be truly deadly to your machine. If you’ve ever heard of somebody that “bricked” their phone, or other device, this is probably what they did. Tech Yeah Computer Repair has experience resolving issues with your BIOS, and can guarantee a successful repair.

Your Operating System is probably a version of Microsoft Windows, or Apple OS X. There are other variants of Operating Systems, like UNIX and Linux, and Tech Yeah can fix them all, but most laptop and desktop computers run Windows or OS X. The Operating System is the interface you spend nearly all of your time interacting with. Your “desktop” is in the Operating System, as are all of your files like documents, spreadsheets, and pictures.

Blue Screens and Data Loss

A problem with your OS can manifest itself in many ways. On a Windows machine, you might get the “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD). On an Apple, you might see the File Folder and a question mark. Or, your computer might launch the OS, but take a really long time to turn on or off. You may have difficulty finding your files, or they make take longer to load. Your computer might “crash”, reboot, shut down, or not even launch your Operating System at all. Repairing an Operating System is possible if you know what you are doing. If you don’t, the OS can be damaged to the point it needs to be replaced, and your data can be corrupted or erased. Tech Yeah Computer Repair can repair your Operating System, where possible, and replace your Operating System in every case. We can even save all of your pictures, music, movies, videos, documents, desktop background, internet favorites, bookmarks, and homepages. We always offer FREE DIAGNOSIS an all problems, and we try to have your OS issue solved and ready to be picked up at our Savannah location in just a few business days or less.

Some of the programs you use on a daily basis can become damaged or corrupted as well. Some common examples of these programs would be your Microsoft Office. Or, your internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge. Maybe you use Quick Books, or Quicken. Any software that you run on your computer is subject to have an issue. For most issues, Tech Yeah has a solution. We can even configure your email, or help you with iTunes!

Computer Viruses

The piece of software that we all hate the most is the dreaded Virus. A virus is a piece of software that can run on your computer. There are countless different variations, but they are all bad. Some viruses, called “adware” just want to junk up your computer with ads. Some viruses try to steal your personal info, passwords, or even banking credentials. Some malware even tries to trick you into paying for removal of itself! They’re all bad, but the worst type of virus is called “ransomware”. This virus tries to encrypt all of your files and then hold them for ransom until you pay up. Newer versions can travel to your external hard drive, and even your remote (cloud) storage! There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from viruses, like keeping your Operating System updated, and having a good, updated Anti-Virus program. But if it is too late and you are already infected, you need to STOP using your computer, turn it off, and have a professional virus removal performed. Tech Yeah can remove any virus from your computer for $60. Just bring your desktop or laptop to our store located on Wilmington Island in Savannah, GA, and we’ll have it ready to pick up in a day or so. At Tech Yeah, “We punch viruses in the Face!”

At Tech Yeah Computer Repair, we are software experts. We can Upgrade you to Windows 10, or the latest version of Apple’s OS X Sierra. If you have a new computer, we offer New Computer Set-Up. We also offer totally FREE Anti-Virus checkup and installation. Call us at 912-898-1999, or contact us.

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Your Data is in excellent hands with Gillware, Tech Yeah’s data recovery partner.